Basebox version 1.0.3

Hi @rb090 ,

We’ve released the new version here:-

version 1.0.3

This works now for your orchestrator with the http service in it. You do need to make one change though, you need to add a line that says _atomic: false to the orchestrator (you add this line below the _type: ORCHESTRATOR line). By default this flag is always true for an orchestrator, but we wanted to make it explicit that this cannot be true for an orchestrator with an http service (as we have no control of the service). Hope this makes sense. The compiler will give an error explaining the same if you do not add this line.

Apologies for this taking longer than expected. Please let me know any thoughts etc.

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Hi @kevin.naidoo
this are really awesome news :heart::tada::champagne:. Thanks a lot for the new version and the heads up here.
I will give it a try and let you know until Monday how it went :raised_hands:.
Just out of curiosity, this atomic flag tells the basebox backend that it has no control over the microservice. What does the backend do differently when receiving calls from the microservice? Does it limit or scope sth because of security reasons? This is just a small question as I am a bit curious how it works :smiling_face:.