GraphQL drective @include

In the graphQL documantation I found the directives @include and @skip

I tried this but I get a Bad Request error:
“message”: “Schema wrapper error: GraphQL validation error: GraphQL validation error: Unknown argument "if" on field "Vertrag.anlagen".”,

Here is the schema definition of the query:

  getCurrentVertraegeWithAnlage(hik: Int!, stichtag: DueDate!, withAnlage: Boolean ): [Vertrag]
      _type: SELECT, 
      _object: Vertrag,
      _filter: { hik: { _eq: "$hik" }, gueltigbis: { _gte: "$stichtag" } }) 

The query I send:

query getdata($withAnlage: Boolean!)
{  getCurrentVertraegeWithAnlage(hik: 123456789, stichtag: "2024-05-08", withAnlage: $withAnlage) {
        anlagen @include(if: $withAnlage) {id, name, gueltigvon, gueltigbis }


  "withAnlage": false

Question: Is the @include directive supported? Do you have a working example for it?
Do you have a list of GraphQL features that are supported?
What about Pagination? Pagination | GraphQL

Hi Kai-Uwe, we currently do not support the @include or pagination. But, particularly with pagination, we’re quite interested to support this. If you have a priority list, that would help. But otherwise, we don’t have a short list of GraphQL features supported but I think that’s a good idea and we have started drawing something up.