Update from the LipoCheckis

Dear @rene.herzer, @kevin.naidoo, @markus.thielen,

you might heard that Anina and Helena registered us for the J.J. Darboven IDEE contest in Hamburg which could be won by startups founded by woman. We won in the public audience voting and become the 1st, that is why LipoCheck was invited to the finale of the contest in Hamburg which took place yesterday and today. There were about 160 startups participating at this contest in total. 4 from them were picked by a jury from this participants and one could be picked by voting.

Our colleagues Anina and Helena pitched yesterday LipoCheck in front of a jury which decided who wins the contest. And we made it on the 2nd place. This is very cool and shows that our idea and mission at LipoCheck is recognized.

BUT I want to say a big thank you to you guys as well because with the basebox solution you provided us an incredible platform with gigantic potential which we unlocked until the last corner within our backend

This enabled us to go live and always present also “look there is sth published and there are 1st people using it” - there is need - there are 1st users. Your solution build the ground work for a very nice TECH stack I am very proud of to have it within LipoCheck and not tell the people sth about fe. a shitty backend which runs on a tomcat and gets manually restarted in the middle of the night.


Wau, congratulations! That’s fantastic!

Thanks for the info, and your welcome :slight_smile: :tada:

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That’s amazing news Roxana! Congratulations to the whole team! Well-deserved after all the hard work you guys put in!

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Impressing. And many thanks for your kind words about basebox.

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